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5 reasons why you need a bundle page for your eCommerce store.

In this blog post you are going to find out why bundle pages are a win-win for both sides - the customer and yourself as a brand - and we show you a best practice of a high converting bundle page.

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, bundle pages have emerged as a winning strategy. In this post you are going to find out why bundle pages are a win-win for both sides - the customer and yourself as a brand - and we show you a best practice of a high converting bundle page.

What are bundle pages?

Bundle pages in eCommerce involve grouping related products or services on a single webpage for a streamlined shopping experience. These pages present curated selections across categories, making it convenient for customers to explore complementary items in one place. The goal is to simplify decision-making, leading to higher conversions and increased average order values. Bundle pages offer a cohesive and value-packed approach, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and serving as a strategic tool for eCommerce brands looking to optimize their online storefronts.

From simple bundle upsell to fully bundle pages

In recent years, brands have been leveraging bundle upsells to boost their average order values, a strategy that can yield significant results if executed effectively. While upsells present an opportunity for increased revenue, challenges arise from poorly implemented coding and design issues associated with various upsell and bundle apps. Many of these applications contribute to a notable increase in loading times and may compromise the overall aesthetics, appearing cheap and spammy to users. Striking a balance is crucial, as aggressive upselling efforts, if pushed too hard, may lead to a spike in average order values but could potentially result in a substantial drop in conversion rates. Navigating the delicate equilibrium between upselling and maintaining a seamless user experience is essential for brands seeking to optimize their strategies without compromising on website performance and design integrity.

What are the advantages of bundle pages?

A notable advantage observed through UX interviews is the significant impact of simpler decision-making facilitated by well-designed bundle pages. In the realm of eCommerce, a prevalent challenge identified is the lack of a clear conversion path on many online shops. Often, brands overwhelm customers with numerous options, providing ample opportunities to opt-out of the purchasing journey. The strategic implementation of a well-designed bundle page, however, stands out as a solution to this problem. By offering a curated selection of products within a cohesive layout, bundle pages guide customers directly toward the desired outcome – making a purchase. This focused approach not only enhances user experience but also addresses one of the major pitfalls in eCommerce by minimizing the chances of customers getting lost or opting out due to decision fatigue.

The biggest advantage we have seen with UX interviews is the advantage of simpler decision making. One of the biggest mistakes overall for eCommerce founds, I see on their shop is that they don’t have a clear path on how to get their customers to convert. They leave the customer with too many options to opt-out. A well designed bundle page on the other site can directly lead the customer to a desired outcome, the purchase. That ultimately leads to higher convers rates. By presenting customers with curated selections across various categories, you create a compelling offer that resonates with their needs. On the same page you are able to increase your average order value. Customers are enticed to explore and purchase more within a single transaction. Bundle pages encourage shoppers to add complementary items, maximizing their overall spend.

What is more, bundle pages can offer a strategic solution for eCommerce brands to optimize inventory by grouping low-selling items with more popular products. This approach not only streamlines stock management but also enhances the overall appeal of the product mix, creating a dynamic and engaging shopping experience for customers.

While the advantages of utilizing bundle pages in eCommerce are evident, it's imperative to strike a delicate balance to ensure long-term success. Careful consideration of your average revenue per user (ARPU) is crucial in avoiding steep discounts that may result in a decline in ARPU over time. Crafting a well-thought-out pricing strategy becomes paramount in achieving sustained profitability. By finding the equilibrium between offering attractive deals and maintaining profitability, eCommerce brands can optimize the benefits of bundle pages without compromising their financial viability. This strategic approach not only safeguards the bottom line but also ensures that the positive impact on conversion rates and average order values remains consistent over the course of time.

What are the advantages for the customer?

As mentioned before, bundle pages are a win-win. For customers, bundle pages serve as a gateway to discovering excellent deals and enjoying discounts on diverse product bundles. These pages provide a convenient and enticing opportunity for shoppers to access cost-effective offerings, making it easier for them to explore and benefit from bundled discounts tailored to their preferences. This customer-centric approach enhances the overall shopping experience, presenting a win-win scenario where users can find value while brands promote their products effectively through enticing bundle deals.

How should a high-converting bundle page look like?

The ideal bundle landing page structure starts with a hero section highlighting the benefits of your product and providing social proof. The next section emphasizes the value propositions of your product followed by a how-to section on how to use your product. The you have the bundle section. Ideally, the customer can build his/her own bundle to increase flexibility and conversions. Below that you should include further social proof and value proposition explanations.

Take a look here, if you are interested in some high-converting bundle pages.

Potential of high-converting Bundle pages.

As you navigate the competitive landscape of e-commerce, consider integrating bundle pages into your strategy for a powerful and mutually beneficial outcome. Unleash the potential of 2024 by embracing the versatility of bundle pages – where success is measured not just in transactions, but in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Elevate your brand, delight your customers, and redefine success with strategic bundle pages.


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