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Comparison Guide: Quiz and Funnel Page Platforms

Choosing the right platform for creating quiz and funnel pages is essential for maximizing engagement and conversions in your eCommerce business. Below is a comprehensive comparison guide between two leading platforms, Octane AI and Permar AI, to help you make an informed decision:

Quiz Creation:

Permar AI is a groundbreaking, cutting-edge technology developed for an end-to-end platform enabling you to create fully interactive, personalized quizzes aligned with your brand and customers. Our unique intuitive AI-based tools, in combination with dynamic question branching and numerous customization features, work together to provide quiz creation that can be tailored to perfection. Both of these contribute to User-Centric Quizzes which aim to maximize interaction with quizzes. These ultimately lead to intensified conversion rates and many more.
This personalized and tailored approach to quiz creation helps in establishing a deeper, more meaningful connection with the audience, resulting in increased brand loyalty and customer retention.


A further feature of Permar AI is a broad array of analytics tools it comes with to allow you to measure and monitor in great detail some of the vital performance metrics, user patterns and flow, and conversion rates on your quiz and funnel pages. Such visual insights and actionable data are compiled into easy-to-use dashboards that help you create data-driven decisions to tweak and help make your eCommerce strategies run more successfully, for example. It is a feature that is beneficial and, in my opinion, a must-have for businesses of any size.

Landing Pages:

Permar AI shines with its feature that lets you craft high-performing landing pages. These pages are key players in guiding online visitors, showcasing your products, and snapping up potential leads - they're the bedrock of any digital marketing game plan. With Permar AI, you're not just using design tools, you're working with an intuitive, AI-powered system that helps you build attractive, persuasive landing pages that draw in customers and boost your sales. The landing pages you create aren't just good to look at, they're also meticulously engineered to turn casual browsers into committed customers - making every click truly worthwhile.

AI Audits:

What sets Permar AI apart is its unique feature of AI audits. Like a diligent digital detective, it uses the power of artificial intelligence to thoroughly examine and fine-tune every aspect of your eCommerce store. From SEO performance to user experience, it leaves no stone unturned in its quest for optimal performance. The AI audits of Permar AI are like your personal strategy guide, offering actionable insights and strategic advice to boost your online presence, stimulate growth, and give you an edge over your competition. This feature is like a helping hand, allowing you to spot areas that need some extra attention and make the necessary changes to your strategy, ensuring you're always improving and growing.

A/B Testing:

Permar AI's A/B testing feature is like having a personal guide to your business success. It allows you to play around and experiment with different styles and elements of your quizzes and funnel pages. It's like a sandbox, where you can change the text, design, and calls-to-action on your pages to see what works best. This feature helps you ensure that your pages are as engaging as possible and increases the chances of converting visitors into customers. It's all about making your pages the best they can be, leading to a notable boost in conversion rates.


In the ever-changing world of online shopping, we're seeing more businesses try to simplify. They're cutting down on the number of tools they use. Permar AI is becoming popular because it does a lot of things well. It's great for making fun quiz pages to grab customers' attention. But it's also flexible. With Permar, businesses can make full landing pages and sales funnel pages. These are important for getting customers, keeping them interested, and making sales. So it's no wonder more businesses are starting to use Permar AI.